The Stride Difference

Expert Engineering Meets Modern Process

Looking for a true technology partner? You’ll find that in Stride.

At Stride, we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. The ‘Stride Way’ is a mindset focused on learning and continuous improvement, not a prescribed set of processes. If there’s a better path to success for your team, we’ll help you find it.

Our goal – Help you get valuable software into the hands of real users as fast as possible.

Whether you need to get high-quality code out the door, technology mentorship, Agile process refinement, or an MVP launched, we are here to help.

Teamwork An Ongoing Partnership

Teamwork: An Ongoing Partnership

Regardless of your immediate need, our intention remains the same – help you be your best, forever. We are here to help your business improve through software. We help you embrace change in a way that actually becomes a competitive advantage. Why? We believe that the companies that can best leverage the process of building software are the ones that will succeed in the next decade.

We Come To You

Whether your current technology team is 1 or 1,000, we co-locate with you, at your office. We embrace and respect your existing culture. By embedding with you, we see everything that you see, work side by side at the same desks, drink the same coffee. We fully immerse ourselves in your culture, and by doing so, we are 10x more valuable than if we missed out on all of the non-coding conversation and decision-making that happens every day.

If you are an entrepreneur and in the ideation phase, or would rather us not come to you for any reason, we welcome you to come work along-side us at our office in Soho.

Customized Agile

We view Agile as a mindset, a tool kit. We seek first to understand what success looks like and what keeps you up at night. Then, we work alongside you to create a customized solution that results in the right approach for your team right now.

Fastest Ramp Up Time In NYC

Our seasoned Agile consultants hit the ground running and immerse themselves within your team. We’ll adapt quickly and get you the results you need even quicker. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t find us sooner.

paul Julius

Paul Julius
CTO Intent Media

“Working with Stride has been a pleasure. They show true respect for my existing culture. Through teamwork and a flexible approach, Stride helped set us up for long term success.”

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