We Are Stride

Stride aspires to be a technology partner for life. Our clients have worked with us as they start up, navigate exponential growth, optimize an established business, and innovate in response to emerging threats. We’re here to help.

We believe in collaboration, constructive feedback, and creative problem solving. We understand the foundation of psychological safety and trust that's required to get there.

We do what we say and say what we mean, we approach others with respect and humility, and above all we value the full cycle of learning -- the preparation, mentorship and deliberate practice required to achieve mastery.

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Debbie Madden Headshot

Debbie Madden

Founder & CEO

Ken Judy Headshot

Ken Judy

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Quaderer Headshot

Stephen Quaderer

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Langford Headshot

Jon Langford

Director of Business Development

Kelly Wu Headshot

Kelly Wu

Sr. Principal Consultant, Engineering

Michael Silvi Headshot

Michael Silvi

Principal Consultant, Director of Delivery

Chloe Summers Headshot

Chloe Summers

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Conrad Benham Headshot

Conrad Benham

Sr. Principal Consultant, Engineering

Michael Kellman Headshot

Michael Kellman

Principal Consultant, Director of Product

Rob O'Brien Headshot

Rob O'Brien

Principal Consultant, Product

Eric Schoenfeld Headshot

Eric Schoenfeld

Client Principal

Kevin Thomas Headshot

Kevin Thomas

Principal Consultant, Engineering



“Stride was a pleasure to work with. The team understood our needs from day one and built a product that has set us up for true long-term success!”

Rachel Stephenson,
University Director, CUNY Service Corps

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