Build Better Software with Stride 

Expert Engineering Meets Modern Process 


Product Delivery

User-focused, iterative approaches to building software that maximizes value for your users 

Language & Framework Agnostic Software Development

Experienced Developer Consultants ready to apply technology to solve your business needs 

High-End & Co-Located Staff Augmentation

Non-dogmatic, agile Developer Consultants who co-locate with your technology team 

XP & Agile Mentorship

Co-locating with your existing technology team to mentor your software developers 

Process Transformation

Helping technology teams evolve an effective software development process 

Vetting & Onboarding Technical Hires

Providing value beyond our engagement by helping you add quality engineers to your team 

Product Delivery

Bringing new products and services to market can be a minefield of risk and uncertainty for your business. 

Stride mitigates these risks by taking a user-focused, iterative approach to building software. We embed our cross-functional teams in your business to ensure that we collaboratively build something that maximizes value for your users.

Case Study: Major TV Network

Language & Framework Agnostic Software Development

Choosing the right technology is critical for your business. Stride Developer Consultants provide an objective and seasoned perspective that leverages the right languages and frameworks to accomplish any software challenge.

Blog: Coming to React from Angular

High-End & Co-Located Staff Augmentation

Stride offers best in class Developer Consultants who co-locate with your technology team, helping it become the highest functioning version of itself, while delivering engineering capacity.

Our non-dogmatic approach to Agile and XP blends software development best practices with what's working well in your environment.

Case Study: Plated

XP & Agile Mentorship

Co-locating with your technology team allows Stride to mentor and level-up your software developers.  Stride will embed with the team and teach XP & Agile best practices while simultaneously writing code and shipping features.

Podcast: Extreme Programming (XP) with Stride

Process Transformation

Stride's non-dogmatic approach and broad industry experience helps your team adapt it's current software development practices to an optimized, scalable process.  Stride ensures your team is customer focused, consistently delivering predictable value to your business users. 

Blog: You are doing too much. Do less!

Vetting & Onboarding Technical Hires

Hiring software developers is hard.  Stride's Developer Consultants are skilled in vetting and onboarding software engineers. While embedded with your team, Stride can help you establish a technical hiring process and grow your company.  

Case Study: Hiring for Diversity & Inclusion
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Customized Agile Consulting

Embedded teams, custom consulting, and digital product

At Stride, we view Agile as a mindset, a tool kit. We seek first to understand what success looks like and what keeps you up at night. Then, we embed and work alongside you to create a customized solution that results in the right approach for your team. 

Whether your current technology team is 1 or 1,000, Striders co-locate with you, at your office. We embrace and respect your existing culture. By embedding with you, we see everything that you see, work side by side at the same desks, drink the same coffee. We fully immerse ourselves in your culture, and by doing so, we are 10x more valuable than if we missed out on all of the non-coding conversation and decision-making that happens every day.


Fastest Ramp Up Time In NYC

Teamwork: An Ongoing Partnership

Our seasoned Agile developer and product consultants hit the ground running and immerse themselves within your team. We’ll adapt quickly and get you the results you need even quicker. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t find us sooner.

Regardless of your immediate need, our intention remains the same – help you be your best, forever. We are here to help your business improve through software. We help you embrace change in a way that actually becomes a competitive advantage. Why? We believe that the companies that can best leverage the process of building software are the ones that will succeed in the next decade.

Let's Work Together

We'll help you understand where and how your team can improve as we help you bring your technology to market faster. Your team and company culture will be stronger after working with Stride.

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