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Case Studies

From Series A to Fortune 100, our work spans industries and company size, leaving teams stronger and more prepared for the future. 


"We were able to bring in people that could instantly act at a senior level and really helped us mature the team. We only brought Stride in on one squad, but its influence was felt across all of engineering. A lot of individuals have grown from working with Striders or even seeing them at a distance as an example. That is priceless.”  

Slice CTO
 John Whitfield
 CTO of Slice


As Plated grows, it’s important that they put processes in place around code, and increase visibility of work.

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ProductDelivery, XP&AgileMentorship, High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation, ProcessTransformation

Saks Fifth Avenue

Stride leveraged cutting-edge React technology and Agile best practices to create a brilliant responsive site for the luxury retailer

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ProductDelivery, XP&AgileMentorship

Stella Service

StellaService had an idea - it's so big, it had the potential to revolutionize the entire customer service industry.

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ProductDelivery, High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation

Major TV Network  

A Major TV Network found a strong partner in Stride to build robust, scalable analytics tools needed to do so for years to come.

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XP&AgileMentorship, ProcessTransformation


Stride was brought in at a time when Paddle8 was experiencing rapid growth and increasing pressure to deliver new features at a faster pace

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ProductDelivery, High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation, XP&AgileMentorship


The CUNY Service Corps serves a vital mission: to connect CUNY students, faculty and staff with service projects that strengthen communities in NYC.

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XP&AgileMentorship, ProcessTransformation

Corporate Insight

Corporate Insight is an established business with a loyal customer base. They dreamed of creating a powerful web-based, benchmarking audit application.

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ProductDelivery, XP&AgileMentorship, High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation, ProcessTransformation


“Stride was able to assimilate into our rapidly evolving company under absurd time parameters. They have project management and technical skills that are of the highest order. If you have the opportunity to work with them, especially when it matters, you are extraordinarily lucky” 


Chase Perkins
CEO of Thoughtly


Thoughtly develops enterprise tools that leverage artificial intelligence to rapidly ascertain actionable insight from text efforts. 

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ProductDelivery, High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation


“We were seeking a technology partner who’s truly in this with us for the long haul, someone who can fully integrate and have skin in the game, and we found that in Stride"  


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Josh Hix
CEO of Plated



Stride quickly adapted the entire legacy code base and went into code rescue mode, prioritizing immediate fires with the Ellevate executive team.

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High-End&Co-LocatedStaffAugmentation, XP&AgileMentorship

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