How We Help

Our skilled software product teams and Coaches:

Collaborate beyond the ask. We have high emotional intelligence.

Bring disciplined practices but don’t over simplify your challenges.

Make ourselves obsolete by teaching, coaching and mentoring so improvements remain after we're gone.

Stride helps you define, manage and meet expectations, increase return on software investment, and foster lasting improvements aligned to team priorities.

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Technical Consulting

Agile coaching rarely stays with the organization after the coaches leave wasting money and demoralizing people.

Agility is not one thing. It achieves different results for different commitments of time and money.

Return on investment requires:

  • Tailoring adopted practices to specific desired outcomes and acceptable costs.
  • Lasting change at leadership and team levels.

Stride creates a change roadmap tailored to the objectives, measures and value return a client needs for success.

Stride coaches leaders and teams. We embed practioners in teams where peer to peer deliberate practice makes learning stick.



Software Delivery

For cloud software products alone, billions are wasted on features that are barely used.

Quality defects cost US industry billions of dollars a year.

Most software projects run late, cost more than planned, or otherwise lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Return on investment requires:

  • Setting and sharing achievable expectations
  • Engaged leaders
  • Collaboration within teams
  • Testing and validating assumptions
  • Building with discipline and quality

The key is not to work more or faster, it is to build only what is valuable and do it better.


Case Studies


Addressing Rapid Growth

As Plated grows, it’s important that they put processes in place around code, and increase visibility of work.

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Putting Out Fires for Good

Stride quickly adapted the entire legacy code base and went into code rescue mode, prioritizing immediate fires with the Ellevate executive team.

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Team Collaboration & Happiness

Paddle8 was experiencing rapid growth and increasing pressure to deliver new features at a faster pace.

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Stella Service

Accelerated MVP Launch

StellaService had an idea - it's so big, it had the potential to revolutionize the entire customer service industry.

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Launching At Tech Crunch Disrupt

Thoughtly develops enterprise tools that leverage artificial intelligence to rapidly ascertain actionable insight from text efforts.

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A Major TV Network

Data Analytics

A Major TV Network found a strong partner in Stride to build robust, scalable analytics tools needed to do so for years to come.

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CUNY Service Corps

Processing From Days to Minutes

The CUNY Service Corps serves a vital mission: to connect students, faculty and staff with service projects that strengthen communities in NYC.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Responsive Mobile Site

Stride leveraged cutting-edge React technology and Agile best practices to create a brilliant responsive site for the luxury retailer

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Corporate Insight

New Product Development

Corporate Insight is an established business with a loyal customer base. They dreamed of creating a powerful web-based, benchmarking audit application.

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