Ballpark Will Budget Your Projects 80% Faster Than Traditional Estimating. Be Confident In Your Results.

How It Works

Enter data about your project


Enter data about your project.

Ballpark calculates confidence


Ballpark calculates confidence levels and ranges using complex mathematical calculations behind the scenes.

reliable budget


You get an accurate, reliable budget that you can be confident in.

Why It Works 

“How much is this going to cost?” It’s a question that gets asked all the time.

In the past, we’ve responded by Estimating. But estimating software projects is hard because you are trying to predict the future. It’s no surprise that team will often be off by 40% – 50% — and maybe even 100% – 200%.

Ballpark eliminates that guesswork. That’s the key: there is no need to capture every single fine-grained User Story.


Behind The Scenes

Once you enter Topics, Ballpark’s Monte Carlo simulation engine runs thousands of mathematical calculations to give you results. Ballpark creates a realistic picture of your project that enables true strategic decision making.

Example: Online Book Store

Want to build an online book store? The likelihood of you finishing within your budget is broken into Topics and assigned confidence levels that you can use to make important business decisions:

topic summery

Ballpark also gives you the Best Case and Worst Case range. In our example, in 5% of the time (Best Case), you’ll get your project done in 32 weeks. Worst Case, 59 weeks.

budget range

Common Questions We Hear From Customers

Why is budgeting better than estimating?

Estimating is laborious, and it focuses too much attention to the smaller details. Budgeting let’s you make high-level decisions that foster creative problem solving. Learn about why Budgeting is the a better approach than estimating, read our blog on the topic.

How much does Ballpark cost?

Ballpark is a subscription service. For now, it is free to everyone. We are taking a Lean Startup approach to Ballpark, and appreciate any feedback you have.

How can I be confident of the results?

The secret sauce behind Ballpark’s accuracy is thousands of simulations using complex mathematical calculations. We believe that everybody should have access to powerful, analytical tools to help answer important business questions around budgeting. Estimations are one of the more unsolvable problems in product development, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Ballpark bridges that gap and enables you to focus on your business, giving you accurate data with ease.

Are You Ready To Be Able To Give Your Clients A Reliable Answer When They Ask “What Is This Going To Cost?”