Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Application Development

Enterprise companies outsource portions of their software development for numerous reasons.. If done well, the benefits are tremendous. If done poorly, you can create more challenges than solutions.

Not sure if outsourcing all or part of your technology development team is right for you? Read on to learn about some of the most important benefits:

Increase velocity: Beat nimble startups to market:

You have cash. You have brand recognition. You have marketing muscle. What enterprise teams often lack is the ability to be fast and nimble. As a result, startups enter the scene and steal market share from tenured businesses who have a hard time reacting quickly to change.

If you choose a strong partner and outsource some of your software development, you can increase your velocity without having to wait on your company’s full hiring process. This also eliminates having to wait to pull full-time employees away from other projects.

The result is reduced time to market, and the knowledge that your brand recognition and marketing efforts can result in a win.

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Increase your tech stack capabilities without having to retrain or rehire:

The tech landscape has splintered significantly. Front end javascript frameworks alone are seemingly being created by the minute. Let’s say you want your newest project to use React but your engineers aren’t familiar with React. Sure, they’re smart and they’ll pick it up; however, if you introduce a smart Agile team who align with your values, and has experience implementing React in production, your team will learn the new language exponentially faster than if they had to go through trial and error on their own. You will also benefit from a codebase that does not have to maintain and/or fix subtle beginner mistakes over the long term. While this learning, mentoring, and coding is going on, you can and should absolutely continue your full time hiring efforts.

Improve the efficiency of your entire team:

The right outsourced partner should be able to teach your team how to be their best. Outsourced partners are accustomed to going into different environments and seeing dozens of teams go through successes and failures. It’s like using a personal trainer: you can go to the gym to learn how to lift weights and exercise efficiently, but if you partner with an expert, you’ll achieve your goals that much quicker. A co-located outsourced technology team is the ideal way to maximize the efficiency aspect of outsourced application development.

Flexible capacity:

Having a strong development shop or two on speed dial means you never have to worry about having 100% staff utilization. Should you experience turnover or an extra project be thrown in your lap, rather than having to wait three months until your hiring efforts ramp up, you can place one phone call and have a team of experts join your team within a matter of weeks. When the projects are done, you won’t have to reassign or fire anyone. Flexible capacity is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal throughout the years.

Still not sure if outsourcing is the way to go? I’m happy to talk through the risks and benefits with you. Email me today and we’ll set up a call.