CEO Debbie Madden on Best Practices for Data Integration

Debbie recently checked in with Syncsort to discuss her thoughts on big data. In her interview, Debbie discusses what excites her about how business are using big data, common mistakes they make, as well as her thoughts on the most interesting trends in big data integration today. When asked about today's most interesting tech trends, Debbie responded,

"With so many amazing open-source technologies combined with the cloud, it’s easier than ever to create real-time applications and deploy them quickly. One client is using the power of real-time data to allow its partners to offer personalized concierge services as soon as someone steps into a venue. This capability was introduced by a handful of engineers with a couple months of work. Not long ago, that was only possible with a tremendous amount of effort, but now it’s within reach of smaller organizations."

The full interview is available on Syncsort's website. Check it out here.

Special thanks to Michael Silvi for co-authoring Debbie's responses 


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