Hangouts on Air: React, Angular and The Front-End Landscape

We recently hosted a Hangout on Air discussing React, Angular and The Front-End Landscape. Our hangout was led by Ian McNally, Senior Front-End Lead Consultant and Stride and a panel of seasoned front-end development experts including:

1. Rachel Ober: Senior Developer at Paperless Post

2. Dante Elrik: Founder, and worked at

3. Anatoily Zaslavskiy: Owner, Oselot Consulting- working on two start-ups

4. Paul Christophe: Creative Tech at Superbright, freelancing at BetaWorks. Captain Daylight.

5. Mitchell Marx: AngularJS expert, Senior Software Engineer at major Telecomm Company


It was a great discussion on what JavaScript frameworks tech companies are choosing and what programming language trends you can expect.

For those who are interested in Ian's presentation, you can download his slides here.

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