Leading through adversity - Outcomes over outputs

Josh Seiden, the fourth speaker in Stride's Leadership through adversity speaker series, spoke about the value of focusing on outcomes, defined as: "measurable changes in behavior that drive business results."  


A consultant with a background in Product and Design, co-author of Sense and Respond and Lean UX and author of Outcomes over Output, Seiden used stories to illustrate how to modify thinking along the Logic Model Framework, from resources, activities and outputs to outcomes and impact. 


He characterized the goal of outcome-related thinking as creating the most positive outcome with the smallest possible output and advocated using low-cost experiments to identify:

  1. What behaviors drive results for your business?
  2. How can you get people to do more of those behaviors?
  3. How will you know when it's working? 

Click here for a recording of the full talk:




Stride's Leading through Adversity series brings experts from around the globe, from a variety of disciplines, to provide a 360-degree view on best practices for leading during uncertain times.


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