Livestream of Multi-Cloud vs. Single Cloud at BCG Digital Ventures tonight at 7PM ET

Aug 01, 2019

Stride Consulting Presents: NYC Tech Debates | Multi-Cloud vs. Single Cloud with BCGDV and Symphonia tonight at 7PM! You can watch the livestream on the Stride Twitter.


Watch Here

A Little Non-dogmatic Technical Mentorship
Can Go A Long Way


Do you ever feel like your team is running 1,000 miles per hour in the wrong direction, and you're not sure why? Sometimes, a chat with a peer is all it takes to give you a meaningful perspective to help you course correct, or to give you the courage to continue on your current path. 

For friends of Stride, we're offering a free Peer Chat. Tell us what's on your mind, and we'll share our experiences. Don't be shy, we've been there ourselves.

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