Request a Lunch N Learn in NYC with a Stride Senior Developer

Do you have burning technology questions that you need answered? Or are you curious about Agile best practices but don’t know where to start? Now you can request a free Lunch N Learn with Stride.

Stride Lunch N Learns are a free, fun Q&A session where we bring one of our senior technologists to your office (we bring the technologist, you provide lunch and space) and answer any technology questions you may have for an hour. No question is off the table!

We offer 3 different Lunch N Learns for you to choose from:

Agile Front End Best Practices: We’ll discuss Javascript frameworks, Test Driven Development and any other front end questions you might have.

Microservices Best Practices: We’ll discuss the best way to use Microservices and how you can have apps in different datastores without going crazy. You’ll learn about how Microservices has worked for other reputable companies in the past.

Product/UX Best Practices: We’ll discuss user-centered design and rapid prototyping. This talk focuses on processes and tools you can use to increase chance for success from the start of the project.

We are currently scheduling Lunch N Learns with companies across NYC. Request yours today and be the first to know about the hottest technology trends and languages in the industry.