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It was December 23, 2013, 3 p.m. I was wrapping up work and heading home for the holiday break. And then, I got a call. read more

Did you know that on average, every single one of us wastes 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings? I’m going to show you how to prevent that. read more

We have an ongoing gender diversity problem in tech that’s getting worse.  Despite the fact that women outnumber men both in the US population and on college campuses, they hold only: 10%-20% of tech jobs at Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and ... read more

What makes a high-performing team? It’s not intelligence. It’s not seniority. read more

Hiring the right people to join your team is likely something that keeps you awake at night. If it's not, you're likely not thinking about it enough. read more

Companies spend a lot of time talking about retention strategies for good reason. High turnover is extremely expensive. The total cost to the organization for each employee who leaves can quickly reach between 100 and 300 percent of an employee’s salary. read more

We're excited to announce our latest podcast, Evil Geniuses! Evil Geniuses is about the real problems that working software developers face everyday. It deals with the actual minute to minute, line by line decisions that it takes to write good software. ... read more

On September 5, 2015 I discovered a tumor in my left armpit. Two days later, I was diagnosed with Stage II HER2 Positive Breast Cancer. I was 41. read more

On April 5, U.K. companies with 250 employees or more were required by law to reveal their pay data. The goal: Narrow the gender wage gap. read more

There is a bottom line when it comes to what’s acceptable in the workplace and Snap crossed it. read more

We ate jambalaya, we ventured onto Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street. Oh yeah, and we learned a whole ton too! read more

I know we’re all busy. And, I know sometimes things happen and you get stuck on the 1 train. But, most of the time, we should be able to make it to our meetings on time. Here are a few tips to help get you started: read more