[Podcast] The Rabbit Hole Episode 03: Planning Meetings

Apr 26, 2017

Episode 03 of “The Rabbit Hole” is now live! In this week’s podcast, our panelists Peter Lye, David Anderson, Michael Sully, and William Jefferies will discuss planning meetings for agile teams.

Every agile team knows the importance of your Sprint Planning meeting. Successfully executing these meetings sets your team up for success for your entire sprint, and makes you and your team move forward more efficiently.

Listen in to hear our panel of agile developers explore the goals of a planning meeting, common challenges with estimating, backlog grooming, and prioritization, and techniques they’ve found effective to set the team up for success.

Start improving your planning meetings for your team by listening in today, and be sure to check back next week for another topic!

Listen to This Week's Episode

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