Stride Consulting Presents: The Evil Geniuses Podcast

We're excited to announce our latest podcast, Evil Geniuses! Evil Geniuses is about the real problems that working software developers face everyday. It deals with the actual minute to minute, line by line decisions that it takes to write good software. It’s about evil- faced and conquered. It’s also about being overwhelmed.  Being humbled. There’s some evil you can only mitigate. 

The hosts are Meredith Edwards and Emmanuel Genard. Meredith is a former middle school teacher. Emmanuel left college to start a theater company. They are both software developers at Stride Consulting in NYC who deal with the problems they talk about in the podcasts on a daily basis.

Listen to our first episode below or on iTunes. 


Evil Devs. Evil problems. Evil Code. 

Taken on by the Evil Geniuses.

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