The Inaugural CTO School Summit

Nov 21, 2017

If you’re in your first decade of engineering management, connect with your peers and learn from more experienced engineering leaders from top companies including Reddit,, Kickstarter, Stride, StitchFix, and at the Inaugural CTO School Summit on Monday, December 4th.

Strides’ very own Debbie Madden will be attending and giving a presentation on gender diversity in tech hiring. Get 25% off by using the code ‘speaker_social’ here

Build the skills and connections required to up your game as an engineering leader.

In just one day make the connections and improve the skills required to meaningfully improve your effectiveness as an engineering leader.

“I designed this summit to bring together the top engineering leaders from our Nasdaq summit and to integrate their talks with hands-on exercises to help engineering leaders to put the advice in context and walk away with specific, actionable resources.”

- Peter Bell, Founder, CTO Connection

The Content

Engineering management is hard - especially for engineers! Many of the best practices for building, motivating, and managing engineering teams are counter-intuitive and it’s hard to find high quality, curated, concise, digestible content covering the challenges you face. This full day, single track summit/workshop blends presentations from top engineering leaders with hands on exercises designed to help you apply the concepts to your specific needs. By the end of the day you will have built a management playbook to get the best out of your team, learned key lessons about architecting effective solutions, brainstormed a hiring improvement plan to enhance your candidate flow and selection process, studied case studies in scaling from and Reddit, and developed a customized professional development checklist to turbocharge your career.

The Community

One thing most top engineering managers share is a strong network of peers they can connect with and learn from when facing new challenges. At the CTO School Summit you’ll get to connect with a peer group that will help you to build your impact, your network, and your career.

The Agenda

8.00am Registration/breakfast

9.00am Introduction to the Summit: Peter Bell, Founder, CTO Connection

9.30am-11.00pm MANAGEMENT

  • Heather Rivers: Director of Engineering, Mode Analytics - Lessons from the black box
  • Rebecca Miller-Webster: Director of Engineering, Devmynd - Frameworks for feedback for managers

11.00am-11.30am Morning Break

11.30am-1.00pm ARCHITECTURE

  • Matt Holford: CTO - The promise and PITA of operating SMS at scale
  • Randy Shoup: VP Engineering, StitchFix - Scaling data - monoliths, migrations, and microservices

1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm-3.30pm HIRING

  • Danilo Campos: CTO, Vaya Consulting - Your interviewing is broken — but you can fix it
  • Debbie Madden: CEO, Stride - Gender diversity in tech hiring

3.30pm-4.00pm Afternoon break

4.00pm-5.30pm SCALE

  • Yvette Pasqua: CTO, Meetup - Tackling technical debt at scale
  • Nick Caldwell: VP Engineering, Reddit - Triple your team size without losing control


  • Lara Hogan: VP Engineering, Kickstarter - Mentorship + sponsorship

6.15pm Closing/Next Steps

6.30pm End of summit

About the Organizer

The event is produced and curated by Peter Bell. Peter co-founded the New York CTO School and manages eight other CTO Schools worldwide. He organizes the New York Nasdaq CTO Summit and founded CTO Connection - a company dedicated to helping engineering leaders connect with and learn from their peers. He also runs the online instructional team at Flatiron School, used to run engineering for a number of startups including General Assembly and taught at developer conferences around the world and at Columbia Business School as part of their MBA program.


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