Top 10 Stride Blogs of All Time

Mar 14, 2018

Over the years, Stride has published hundreds of blogs. Our content has been featured in countless publications including Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Hackernoon, and Hacker News. Here are our top ten most popular blogs of all time:

10. Paradise: The Perfect Pairing Station for Agile Software Development


Pair programming is one the core tenants of Extreme Programming, commonly referred to as XP.

Extreme Programming is an agile software development process that emphasizes teamwork and simplicity in an effort to streamline productivity and get the best software in the hands of... Read More


9. Budgeting vs Estimating for Agile Projects


Nearly every software development project starts with one question: "How much is this going to cost?"

Perhaps it’s a stakeholder who asks the question: a CEO, Board member, VC, or boss. Maybe you’ve asked your team this question. Maybe you’ve asked.. Read More

8. 2018 Top Tech Team Trends


Tech teams are getting smarter. Efficiency in software engineering is becoming a critical piece of a company’s competitive advantage. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing the top software... Read More


7. 7 Ways To Be A Healthy Programmer


For whatever else we may love about it, programming can be one of the worst things for your health. Developers face a myriad of physical and mental health challenges. Whether it’s... Read More 

6. Test Driven Development: What To Test (And What Not To Test)


When initially learning about test-driven development, it’s tempting to want to test everything using every kind of test. However, when building a valuable test suite, over-testing isn’t... Read More

5. Meetings Suck. Here’s How We Do Them Differently.


Prior to joining Stride, I hated meetings. Meetings were boring, time-consuming, and nothing useful ever came out of them. Needless to say, when my first day at Stride was the quarterly company... Read More

4. I’m Agile But My Contract Isn’t: How to Align Contracts with Agile Software Development Teams


Agile has been around for 13 years. That seems like enough time for companies to adapt to Agile processes and get the hang of writing Agile contracts. Yet, when it comes time for companies... Read More

3. The Handshake Deal That Every Job Offer Must Have


 It’s 4p.m. on Thursday. I’m halfway through giving a job offer to Stacey when I bring up the handshake deal. After I finish explaining what the handshake deal is, Stacey is silent. She responds... Read More

2. 7 Steps: How to Hire A CTO for your Startup


There’s a tech talent war in New York City right now. The established firms like Facebook and Google are only getting bigger, and there are more tech startups than ever making NYC their home... Read More

1. CI/CD Is Not A Progression


In marketing materials from the world of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) , one often comes across the idea there is a progression from continuous integration... Read More




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