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QCon New York 2017 kicked off yesterday! Matt Sakaguchi, Site Reliability Manager at Google kicked the conference off with a stellar keynote about how Google builds effective teams. Following the keynote, Stride’s CEO, Debbie Madden, gave a talk on The ... read more

The beauty of a well done podcast is that it sounds easy. It sounds natural. Yet, in fact, a whole bunch of behind the scenes pre-planning and post work goes into each episode. Here’s a look behind the scenes at our very own podcast, The Rabbit Hole. read more

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With 35,000 attendees, TechDay is the largest startup event in the US, and Stride is proud to be a part of this special day! This year, TechDay did not disappoint. It had something for everyone - from Shark Tank open call to 375 NYC tech startups sharing ... read more

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In mid-February, I walked into a room to grab a snack. One of my colleagues, we’ll call him William, was telling me that he wanted to go on this ski trip his friends were organizing. The dialog went like this: read more

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You can now stay up to date on the latest tech insights while you’re on the go, with Stride’s new podcast: The Rabbit Hole. Our weekly podcast features discussions for developers by developers, about all things technology and software development. read more

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