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When you started your company, everyone knew everyone. You shared the inside jokes, brainstorming sessions included the whole company, and there was a sense of belonging and family. read more

I was recently getting a coffee with a fellow Strider; let’s call him Bobby. Bobby was offering me some feedback on a project we had worked on for some time. He had been a senior developer on my team and was always ready to answer my GraphQL and Django ... read more

Throughout my career and now as the Founder and CEO of a tech company, I’ve seen hundreds of teams implement diversity and inclusion initiatives with the aim of increasing gender diversity. Not all diversity and inclusion initiatives are created equally ... read more

If you're like every other head of a business right now, you're looking for top talent. And it's hard to find. Unemployment is 3.7 percent nationally. In New York City it's 4.3 percent, and in San Francisco it's an incredible 2.2 percent. You're doing ... read more

Work-life balance. Many of us strive for it. Yet, we are making it way more complicated than needed. read more

Harassment has been all over the news the past couple of years. That means we all know what not to do and can stop making a big deal out of it in our workplaces, right? read more

Recently, an ex-Google employee detailed his experience working at the tech giant via Twitter- using 149 tweets to be exact. Morgan Knutson was at Google for eight months. He was a designer, and worked on Google+. In his time at Google, he experienced ... read more

One of the biggest mistakes I see adults make is not asking for or giving help. For some reason, many people believe that suffering through a thing on your own is somehow more noble than getting help from others. read more

It’s 7 A.M. Monday morning. Your roll out of bed and check your email — only to find forty unread messages urgently awaiting your reply. read more

Jeff Bezos tells his employees that it will always be "Day One"  at Amazon. Is he right? According to Bezos, "Day One" means that Amazon will always act like a startup. To act like a startup, Bezos requires Amazon employees to do these four things:  Be ... read more

At 21, I had just graduated college and started my first job. read more