Retrospectives can be great tools to enable product development teams to iterate and improve on their process when done properly.  read more

For this month's Stride Tech Talk, Stride CEO Debbie Madden discussed 3rd Wave Agile with David J. Bland. David J. Bland is the Founder and CEO of San Francisco based Precoil. Precoil offers workshops and training designed to help startup founders use ... read more

For teams that have adopted the Scrum framework, it's easy to see the value it brings to teams velocity and organization. From breaking down complex projects into manageable stories, improving visibility in daily scrums, and enhancing team communication ... read more

Agile is both the present and the future of software development. You know that as well as we do, so we won't bore you with the plethora of benefits that come with this development philosophy. But your boss does not, and might not be as quick to adopt an ... read more

The presentation is starting, and you recognize one word out of the entire presentation: Hello. Software developers are throwing around words like it's their job (which it is), but you are completely lost. You've heard words like "agile," "scrum," and ... read more

When initially learning about test-driven development, it’s tempting to want to test everything using every kind of test. However, when building a valuable test suite, over-testing isn’t the best approach. This guide is primarily targeted at production ... read more

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At Stride, we are seeing an increased trend in enterprise companies building and launching MVPs, but struggling to do it right. read more

Happy 15th birthday Agile Manifesto! On February 13, 2001, the Agile Manifesto was born. Today, 15 years later, the main tenants of it still ring true: read more

In this month’s Tech Talk, we talked with Lyssa Adkins, professional Agile coach and President of the Agile Coaching Institute, on the value of Agile coaching. read more

In part one of our series of Feature Driven Development, we provided an overview of what it is. In part two, we developed a simple app. Now, in part three, we will look at the differences between SimpleBDD and its primary competitor, Cucumber, and ... read more

Having seen an introduction to feature-driven development using RSpec and SimpleBDD (part 1 of this series), let's use it to construct a to-do list web app, step-by-step. This isn't going to be a complicated app, but it will illustrate the process. read more