In an ideal world, everyone who makes Rails apps would do test-driven development. However, many do not because of the complexity of setup, the additional time it takes to write tests, and general laziness. I believe that by providing simple, powerful ... read more

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I recently had the pleasure of writing an article for the Harvard Business Review on ways large companies can be just as innovative as the nimble startups. Established firms can launch MVPs just like a lean startup; they just need to know the tricks and ... read more

by Cody Duval Many teams at Stride pair program all day / every day. When it works, pair programming brings with it a multitude of benefits, including fewer bugs, more maintainable code, and an efficient transfer of technical and domain knowledge between ... read more

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It’s 8:49am on Friday. I get a call from Marc. He’s recently left his full time job and has a brilliant idea for a startup. He explains his idea to me and says: “I’ve been told I need to build an MVP. Can you help?” read more

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Nearly every software development project starts with one question: “How much is this going to cost?” Perhaps it’s a stakeholder who asks the question: a CEO, board member, VC, or boss. Maybe you’ve asked your team this question. Maybe you’ve asked it ... read more

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Agile has been around for 13 years. That seems like enough time for companies to adapt to agile processes and get the hang of writing agile contracts. Yet when it comes time for a company to enter into a contract about agile work processes and ... read more

Agile is often discussed as a methodology: a framework for developing software. At Stride, Agile isn’t just a process we apply to a software project; it’s how we approach both technology and business. It’s a way of thinking and behaving. It’s fundamental ... read more