New Product Development For Corporate Insight

About Corporate Insight

Founded in 1992, Corporate Insight provides competitive intelligence for financial services companies. They provide their clients with detailed, unbiased research and actionable recommendations to improve their digital offerings and overall user experience.

Corporate Insight is an established business with a loyal customer base. They dreamed of creating a powerful web-based, benchmarking audit application that would transform their core offering into an interactive online experience for their customers.


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The Problem

Corporate Insight had never taken on a technology transformation of this magnitude. Having had loyal customers for over 15 years, Corporate Insight was hesitant to change for fear they would not uphold their customers’ strong expectations about the quality of services and products provided year after year. As a result, Stride had to be extremely sensitive to their existing customer base.

Corporate Insight provides clients with a complex set of data, complete with generated charts based on complicated calculations, tables that expanded to compare up to 25 companies and formatted text sections with client recommendations.

They also had multiple “databases.”  Every time a new industry report was updated, they had to call their developer and have them manually create a new database instance. Stride had to figure out how to migrate all of the old data into a single database that the new web application could use. Stride also wanted to give Corporate Insight the ability to create new industries on their own.

The Goal

  • Create a more modern Ruby on Rails web application
  • Look at the overall workflow and identified where the process could be streamlined and automated.
  • Create new views and reports to provide Corporate Insight a new look into their assessment criteria ti help them more accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of their client companies 

The Result

Stride successfully transitioned Corporate Insight’s technology while keeping their reputation as a leading financial services brand. In 2015, Corporate Insight launched two new products: Alumni Monitor which focuses on the higher education industry and Healthcare Monitor which examines the digital presence of leading group health insurance firms. Stride enabled Corporate Insight to not only excel inside financial services, but to branch into two new industries for the first time in the company’s history.



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“Stride was instrumental in the successful transition of our core revenue-generating product from .NET to Ruby on Rails. The Stride team has really taken an interest in my business, and I feel I have a true partner wh I can trust.”

Michael Ellison
CEO, Corporate Insight

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