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Ellevate Improved Their Code Base

About Ellevate

Ellevate Network is a global professional women’s network of 35,000 professional women. Ellevate invests in the professional and economic success and engagement of women through the power of their network and thought leadership of their diverse member base

Ellevate recently underwent a transformative rebranding effort. The rebranding was a success, but the resulting code base behind the scenes was less than stellar. Ellevate has a reputation for being a world class, best in class network for women everywhere, and it was imperative that their online presence lived up to this.


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The Problem

Ellevate partnered with a digital agency that helped them with their branding, but fell short on the Ruby on Rails backend development, leaving Ellevate with a client facing platform that was in a state of despair.

The platform supported a global membership with multi-lingual support for currencies and time zones, however the global member chapters and membership status were broken in their client facing live production site.

The Goal

  • Stabilize the code base
  • Introduce rich TDD into the existing legacy code 
  • Code Refactoring

The Challenge

Stride quickly adapted the entire legacy code base and went into code rescue mode. We prioritized the immediate fires with the Ellevate executive team and created a backlog of features. The Stride developers ramped up within days and first fixed the most impactful fires which stabilized the platform within one week.

Following that, we stabilized the code base, created a staging environment, refactored a majority of the code and introduced rich TDD into the existing legacy code.

Technologies Used



The Result

Ellevate’s online presence now accurately reflects the global brand and all that it stands for. They are now able to look forward to the future and continue to build their brand in a way that integrates their online presence with their rich in person content.


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"Stride has been a fantastic partner for Ellevate Network. We initially hired Stride to help with website maintenance and trouble shooting, but the relationship evolved into a true partnership where Stride offered great service, creative solutions and top-notch service."

Kristy Wallace
CEO, Ellevate

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