Get Instant Access to Our Open Source Tools


At Stride, our experienced software engineers are constantly creating open source tools.

Our collection of open source tools have a wide range of capabilites and are your go-to for simplifying your next software development project. Some features include:

  • Building a framework for your web application
  • Lint checking for Saas files
  • Building tool for SVG images
  • Automatic and manual assignment of debt

Get instant access to all of our avaliable Open Source Tools, including:

  • Web Application Boilerplate
  • React Input Completion
  • Currency Master for React
  • SCSS Lint
  • Npm Run Parallel
  • Jellybeans.Syntax
  • Color-Theme-Mejelly-Light
  • Color-Theme-Mejelly
  • Debt Ceiling
  • Grunt SVG Store
  • Sqlup
  • Sgfparser