Stride Helps Paddle8 Increase Team Collaboration & Happiness

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Paddle8 is the premier online collecting destination, presenting auctions of extraordinary art, design, jewelry, watches, and collectibles. Using innovative technology, Paddle8 has streamlined the collecting experience by combining the trust and taste of an auction house with efficient operational solutions and a global reach.

A Product Team in Transition

Stride was brought in at a time when Paddle8 was experiencing rapid growth and increasing pressure to deliver new features at a faster pace. Our goal - transition an outdated PHP codebase to a more modern Django and React stack. In addition, Stride was tasked with helping modernize the team’s existing process and structure.

A Developer Led Change

Stride identified process and structure changes that would enable the development team to better collaborate and scale. And instead of imposing change onto the product team from the top down, we explored the pros and cons of a new team-based structure directly with the developers.

A More Agile Result

In place of a single monolithic development team, Stride split the Paddle8 team into two smaller teams each led by a product manager. This allowed teams to own broad areas of responsibility across two backlogs. And with the team structure in place, individual teams began bi-weekly iteration planning meetings, retros, and daily standups that felt useful and productive. The ultimate result was more collaboration, better estimation, and a happier product team.


"We partnered with Stride to achieve aggressive objectives and they delivered as-promised! It's so refreshing to work with a team who values transparency and honesty, and helped us truly get stuff done."

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