Web Performance Optimization

Your website's performance can negatively impact revenue if it isn't fast enough. Stride can help you optimize your web apps and bring your business up to speed.

The problem with your web performance today

Your business is losing revenue—revenue that visitors want to give you—due to suboptimal web performance. On retail sites, improving performance by 0.1s across the funnel increases conversions by an average of 8%, and average order value by 9.2%.

On travel sites, those numbers jump to 10% and 12%, respectively.

Said another way, if a customer comes to your site with the intent to give you money… you’d better make sure you oblige them, and immediately.

The good news is we can help you with web optimization

Once a business leader has identified their company’s issues with web performance, our experts can work with your existing tech org to make a huge impact on your site's performance, and, in turn, boost your revenue:

  • At a globally recognized fitness company, we reduced Largest Contentful Paint in the 75% percentile from 10.5s down to 3.5s. We reduced the First Contentful Paint from 3.5s down to 0.5s by adding a loading indicator to their single page app, cutting load abandonment in half in the process! This resulted in $50m of found revenue in Q1 2022.

  • At a globally recognized eyewear e-commerce company, we identified a script—inserted by a well-intentioned marketer—that was delaying render of the page by more than a full second! We worked with the marketer to accomplish their goal via different means and deleted the script. This simple change resulted in the reduction of initial render by a full second!
  • At another e-commerce client, we identified a runtime queries causing > 0.5s of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and moved the queries to build time so that the entire page rendered in one smooth go.

Find out how the Web Performance Optimization service can help your team.

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