Web Performance Optimization

Is application performance hurting your business? Poor performance can not only negatively impact your customers’ experience; it can also lower your website’s SEO ranking. Stride can help you optimize your offerings and bring your business up to speed.

Why Web Performance Optimization?

  • Increase customer engagement. Poor application performance can result in the loss of valuable customers. Performance optimization will ensure your applications are meeting users’ expectations.
  • Support scalability. New features and products should perform to the level your customers expect. Performance optimization helps you assess and plan ahead.
  • Establish best practices. We recognize that performance is not always a first-class concern for tech organizations when you’re focused on improving features and functionality. Performance optimization is more than just code changes; best practices and standard operating procedures can impact performance, too.


What does a performance optimization engagement look like with Stride?

We offer two levels of engagement. Both begin with our “Assess and Audit” engagement, which delivers a detailed audit report and set of prioritized recommendations for next steps.  Our “Remediate” engagement is a longer-term project in which we implement those recommendations for your business.

Assess and Audit

In this engagement, Stride engineers work directly with your team to look at hosting provider metrics, vendor information, and source code associated with your web property to identify areas in need of remediation. We also evaluate your organization’s processes, demonstrating to and teaching your team members where and how to find performance issues, themselves. 

The primary goals of this level of engagement are to product a clear set of recommendations to:

  • Lower Time to Interactive (TTI)
  • Lower Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Lower Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your source code and optimize vendor code loading and execution
  • Adapt engineering development and release processes where needed

This engagement lasts approximately two weeks. We will deliver targeted, prioritized guidance to your team on recommended performance improvements, including a detailed backlog with cost-benefit analysis for the biggest impact items.


We know that your engineers are working hard to develop your next great offering, and tackling a performance and optimization backlog can be a gargantuan lift. That’s why we offer the next level of performance optimization: our Striders perform remediation work for your business.

Our team of experts can take the results of our “Assess and Audit” engagement and execute identified priority remediation projects, while your engineers focus on what they do best: develop your next great offering. 

Stride has been engaged by clients to accomplish remediation goals such as:

  • We reduced LCP for one client by 70%, which in turn reduced load abandonment by 50% (from 12% to 6%).
  • In less than a day, we located and deleted an under-the-hood script in a client’s code that had been inserted by a third-party vendor. This resulted in the reduction of LCP by a full second.
  • For an e-commerce client, we identified removed processes from runtime that were causing significant CLS and moved them to build time so that they were immediately available on load for all e-commerce pages.

This engagement can vary in length from 3-6 months, depending on team size and project scope.

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