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The Rabbit Hole

 The Definitive Developers Podcast 

163. SOLID - Open-Closed Principle

162. SOLID - Single Responsibility Principle

161. Debugging Strategies

160. Programming as a Story: How we tell three different stories when developing apps

159. Bug Bash

158. Positive Reinforcement and Agile

157. Vue - New Hotness or New Hype?

156. Surviving Remote Work - Pandemic Edition

155. I don't know anything -- It's OK to not know, It's what you do after you know you don't know

154. Releasing Software in Big Bang Fashion -- What to avoid...

Remix - Comparing Programming Languages with Sandi Metz

153. Google Design Sprint and you - Part 2

152. Google Design Sprint and you - Part 1

151. Interfaces + Design Patterns

150. Serverless - Where Did it Go?

149. Go!

Bonus: COVID-19 hideout in the rabbit hole

Remix - Pragmatic Folks Part 1 - Feedback Loops

148. Managing and Deleting Your Dead Code

147. Client Side Caching

Remix - Remote Pair Programming with Ben Orenstein

146. Physical Boards and Informative Workspaces

145. Shadow of a Deadline

144. Ballmer Peak: Has Drinking Ever Helped You Program Better?

Remix: 9 Roles for Creating Results or Growing a Team with Esther Derby

Remix: The DRY Principle is Misunderstood with Steven Solomon

Remix: Open Source Sustainability and Ethical Advertising with Eric Holscher

143. Pets in the Office

142. Stride Picks 2019

141. Pair Programming Advanced

140. Pair Programming Redux

139. Work-Life Balance and How to Find It

138. User Stories: Why "gathering requirements" is not a gorram story

137. When to roll your own

136. Music to Code to

135. Stronger Strong Types

134. How much is too much risk

133. Motivation

132. XYZ. Ways to Get Involved at Conferences with Veronica Hanus

131. XYZ. Developer Attitudes to Comments! with Veronica Hanus

130. Traversing through new code bases

129. There's No Me in Team, But it's all About Me (TM) with Doc List

128. Coding on a Plane, Coding on Train

127. Remote Pair Programming with Ben Orenstein

126. Functional vs Object Oriented Paradigms with Sandi Metz

125. Comparing Programming Languages with Sandi Metz

124. Performance Testing

123. Pragmatic Folks Part 3 - The Dogmatic Developer

122. Pragmatic Folks Part 2 - Own Your Environment

121. Pragmatic Folks Part 1 - Feedback Loops

120. Unconferences, Open Spaces with Doc List

119. Efficiently Entering and Navigating Teams with Ka Mok

118. Monitoring

117. Logging

116. Documentation Hell and Documentation Heaven with Eric Holscher

115. Continuous Learning as a Lead Dev

114. Open Source Sustainability and Ethical Advertising with Eric Holscher

113. The DRY Principal is Misunderstood with Steven Solomon

112. Senior Engineer Interviews

111. Refactoring: Quotes and Experiences

110. Stop DDoS'ing Yourself

109. Cross Team Collaboration

108. Overseas Assignments

107. Lessons from Marie Kondo w/ Meredith

106. Centring & Entering

105. BDD

104. Steering a Kubernetes Migration: A Non Technical Team Member’s Voyage, w/ Chris Grande

103. Art of Programming with Sumana Harihareswara

102. Digging Into JavaScript w/ Jonathan Wexler

101. Sustainability in Open Source with Sumana Harihareswara

100. 9 Roles for Creating Results or Growing a Team w/ Esther Derby

99. Salaries and Skills in 2019 with Steve Thompson

98. Code Formatting Standards Knife Fight (Linters)

97. Mocks vs Classical with Jacob O’Donnell

96. Health Check

95. The Shackles of Frameworks

94. Editor Picks 2018 + Mailbag

93. Stop Eating Al Desko

92. The Death of the Object with Jacob O'Donnell

91. Stop Preassigning Tickets

90. GraphQL Takeover with Azat Mardan

89. Dealing with Third Party Software

88. Testing Pitfalls and Blunders

87. Developer vs Engineer

86. Building a Personal Brand as a Developer

85. Introducing a new podcast - Evil Geniuses

84. Volunteering as a Software Engineer

83. Remote Only

82. Seven Wastes of Software Development

81. More Books

80. Building a scrum team

79. GraphQL in Python with Patrick Arminio - Pycon Italia Part 3

78. Realtime Applications With Django, With Iacopo Spalletti: PyCon Italia Part 2

77. Make The Lightbulb Want To Change with Mikey Ariel - Pycon Italia Part 1

76. Stop talking about Tech Debt with Dane O'Connor

75. GraphQL Hot Takes with Stephen Meriwether

74. Authorization with Roberto

73. Front End Build Systems

72. Feedback with Meredith and Madelyn

71. Common Mistakes Tech Leads Make with Kelly Wu

70. Mentorship with Kimberly Suazo and Avielle Wolfe

69. Becoming a Manager with Kyle Rush from Casper

68. Why Not Use Elixir?

67. Tech Debt and Trust

66. AGILE Principles

65. Extreme Programming (XP) with Kevin Thomas

64. Learning Culture

63. Monoliths

62. Diversity and Inclusion with Derek Parham

61. Guilds in the Workplace

60. Machine Learning II With Tom Benham

59. Agile for ALL THE THINGS

58. Death By a Thousand IFs with Jacob O'Donnell

57. Imposter Syndrome

56. Comments Considered Harmful, Comments Considered Helpful

55. Organizing a Conference - Saron Yitbarek

54. The Terror of Public Speaking

53. Dope Python Tools - Darlin from Guest Stars!

52. Is 2018 the year GraphQL kills REST?

51. Why bother with 1-on-1 meetings?

50. Refactoring

49. Machine learning with Tom Benham

48. Context Switching

47. DevOps with Brian Guthrie

46. The Last Responsible Moment

45. Resolutions and How to Keep Them

44. Onboarding with Ben Jackson

43. Editor Picks of 2017

42. Max Jacobson Guest Stars! There are no rules

41. Make Organizational Change Stick

40. The Batman Support Rotations

39. Toast to Failure

38. Test Coverage & Legacy Code

37. Semantic Versioning

36. Leet Terminal Hacks

35. Salaries

34. Styles (CSS + JS)

33. Role Models

32. What Makes a Good Test?

31. Psychological Safety

30. Trunk Based Development vs Gitflow

29. Feedback

28. Team Building

27. Functional Programming

26. Story Points and Scope Creep

25. Knowledge Sharing

24. Workspaces, Workstations, & Working Agreements

23. Scrum, Kanban & Prioritization

22. Incremental Design

21. Side Projects

20. Building Bridges

19. Tech Debt

18. Editors

17. Deadlines

16. Remote Teams

15. Conferences

14. Learning New Languages

13. Knowledge Decay

12. Code Tests

11. Organizing a Tech Meetup

10. Books

09. Vacations

08. Starting a New Project

07. Mentorship vs. Management

06. Rolling Off a Project

05. Retrospectives

04. Pair Programming

03. Planning Meetings

02. TDD

01. Introduction to The Rabbit Hole