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by Stride News, on May 28, 2019

On the show today we welcome back our great host, Michael Nunez, from his baby leave! We are talking about refactoring, something that Mike is easing back into after his …

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by Stride News, on May 21, 2019

Welcome back to The Rabbit Hole Podcast. Today on the show, we dive into part five in the “Stop Doing Stuff” series. Our aim is to help programs to stop …

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by Stride News, on May 14, 2019

Welcome back to the Rabbit Hole, the definitive developers podcast. Today on the show we'll be talking about cross team collaboration, understanding why it hurts and why you should do …

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by Stride News, on May 7, 2019

On today’s episode, we discuss overseas assignments, which is a fitting as William is departing to India for a four-month assignment. As tech companies grow, travel overseas is becoming a …

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