The Rabbit Hole

If you are a software developer or technology leader looking to stay on top of the latest news in the software development world, or just want to learn actionable tactics to improve your day-to-day job performance, this podcast is for you.

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184. Prototyping Best Practices with Stephen Meriwether

December 8, 2020

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive straight into some prototyping tips and tricks, what you should do and should not do, and best practices to keep in mind. Of course, we couldn’t have a prototyping episode without our very own, Stephen ...

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183. Things in Tech We're Thankful for

December 1, 2020

While 2020 has been a messy year for all, today we get into the Thanksgiving spirit by celebrating the top things in tech that we’re most grateful for. Show producer William Jeffries opens the conversation by highlighting his love for test-driven ...

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182. Do you need a single page app? (feat. Stephen Meriwether)

November 24, 2020

Can you imagine a world where you can fast-track your idea, turn it into a feature-filled app, and perfect its development with speed and technical finesse? For Stephen Meriwether, that future is now. As today’s guest, Stephen talks to us about ...

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181. Starting Something New — Are All the Good Ideas Taken?

November 17, 2020

It’s the middle of the night and you are lying in bed when you get a lightning-strike idea. You reach for your phone and type your idea into Google only to discover that someone has beat you to it. Today we speak about this common scenario and ...

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180. Acronyms for Fun and Profit

November 10, 2020

BaaS, FaaS, and ASS. The tech world is inundated with acronyms that often make communication more frustrating. There’s even an acronym for ‘Things Without an Interesting Name,’ or TWAIN. Today we talk about the convenience and cost of acronyms, an ...

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179. Django vs Rails, why python won

November 3, 2020

There’s a perception that web development using Ruby on Rails has already peaked, with more damning critics shouting that “Rails is a dying language.” Conversely, Python, and Django by extension, seem to be ever-increasing in popularity. Today we’ve ...

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178. Code Formatting - Friend or Foe

October 27, 2020

Is code formatting a blessing or is it killing the art of writing beautiful code? Today we weigh in on the arguments for and against formatting and how this might affect your coding process. An early point against formatters, we talk about how they ...

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177. Remote Collaboration & Screen Sharing

October 20, 2020

As remote work gains more traction, we have to find the best ways to communicate from a distance, so today on the show we discuss our favorite screen sharing and remote collaboration apps. From pair programming and code sharing software to video ...

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176. Kubernetes VS Serverless

October 13, 2020

Kubernetes versus serverless – the battle of the decade! Both deserve their status as exciting and powerful platforms that offer organizations tremendous boosts in agility, scalability, and computing performance, but it is easy to forget that ...

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175. Awesome Podcasts!

September 29, 2020

After discovering that we made it on to a list of awesome podcasts about tech, we decided to use this episode to look at that list and share some of our favorite podcast content and what we are currently listening to! To start off we share different ...

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