Product Discovery

Have a new product idea that you want to validate? We can help you do that with experts, fast.

Determine whether or not a product idea is worth building. Partner with collaborative digital Product experts who help you determine how your product ideas can drive the most value for your users and your business.

What you get

  • Initial scope of the effort required to build your product idea; MVP backlog
  • Data informed approach to guide you as to where to invest your time and capital that connects product work to value
  • If you have several product ideas, you gain confidence knowing you are prioritizing investment correctly

Our Approach

Stride facilitates a lightweight, value driven discovery. Our seasoned, Agile, cross-functional team leads a series of workshops and activities within a 4-6 week period. You walk away with a true MVP scope, tied to defined user and business value.

Our roots in custom software delivery mean that we have the chops to not only guide your product discovery, but to help you build out your products too.

Sample Discovery Schedule

We'll work with you to craft a schedule that meets your needs and fits your team.

  Design Technical Product
Week 1


User and stakeholder interviews

Week 2 Personas (user interviews, user research) Path to Production
(interviews, pairing, IT access)
Further Interviews
(SME, stakeholders, users)
Week 3 Customer Journey (journey mapping, diagram workflow) 3rd Party APls and Data Stores (API docs, existing data models) Product Vision
Objectives & Measures(e.g. OKRs)
Week 4 Wireframes Draft of System Architecture
(compliance, compatibility, complexity)


MVP Scope



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