Custom Software Development

Build custom software guided by your customer’s needs. Deliver the highest value software on time.

Create custom software alongside product delivery teams with the following capabilities:

Web Application Development

Provide elegant web solutions to your customers, whether they are across the office or around the world. Remain focused on customer needs by relying on Stride’s experience delivering web applications in a variety of industries. Deliver for your customers, no matter whether they expect a stunning UI, a clean API, or performance guarantees.

  • Responsive web applications
  • Data visualization and data story-telling
  • Consumer products, business process automation, and internal apps
  • Accessibility, internationalization, and localization built-in
  • Payment processing
  • Multi-tenant applications
  • 3rd party integrations
  • API design for GraphQL, REST, and gRPC
  • Monolith or microservices architecture design
Web Application Development


Mobile Application Development

Eliminate friction between your customers and the products and services your business offers through mobile application development. Deliver the mobile app conveniences your customers expect, such as push notifications, easy login, and stored preferences.

  • Cross-platform development with React Native
  • Native UI design for iOS and Android
  • Consistent experiences across web and mobile devices
  • Deployment to the App Store and Google Play
  • API design for mobile applications
  • Leverage cloud tools for rapid application development
Mobile Application Development



Identify your product market fit by matching your business goals with your customer needs in order to build great products. Define the improvements to software and processes that will drive your business success. Through regular demonstrations of progress, we gather feedback from your customers and stakeholders and rapidly iterate our way to better solutions.

  • Align your business goals to success metrics 
  • Prioritize your highest value work
  • Build product roadmaps and a backlog of user stories
  • Focus on user experience in interface and interaction design
  • Adopt Lean Product practices
  • Conduct Design Sprints
  • Promote quick build-release-feedback cycles
  • Visualize progress towards your milestones



Build software with practices that balance delivery throughput and application stability. Increase deployment frequency and cut down on lead time for changes. Reduce change failure rate on deployments and mean time to recover. When your software is delivered using these capabilities, it will be easy to change in response to feedback.

  • Automate deployments and practice continuous delivery
  • Optimize builds and test suites
  • Specify infrastructure as code to enable safe changes, yield reproducible environments, and stop configuration drift
  • Test-driven design and development
  • Development following the Twelve-Factor App principles
  • Instrumentation for logging, observability, and monitoring



Use the cloud as a competitive advantage so that you can move quickly. Spend your time solving business problems while reducing your time to market and operational cost. Build cloud native applications to minimize undifferentiated heavy lifting and create a consistent experience for all of your users by increasing availability and reliability.

  • Rewrite or refactor your applications for the cloud
  • Use containers to modernize your application
  • Leverage serverless compute opportunistically
  • Go global with multi-region deployments
  • Satisfy data tenancy requirements
  • Orchestrate workloads on AWS or Kubernetes
Cloud Development


How We Work


The Plan Draft


Our approach to work is collaborative and consultative.

  1. Refine your strategy. We want to understand your business goals and what future success for this project looks like. We By understanding the scope and complexity of your business, customers and current state of software we can best design a plan.

  2. Design a plan.  We collaborate with you to converge on the highest priority capabilities that you want to get in front of customers first. From there we create a plan to execute on your vision.

  3. Build software. Working together, we deliver the highest value software using XP practices to ensure high confidence in our deployments and well-tested software.

  4. Release product features. Every deployment is an opportunity for learning, requiring customer feedback and iteration.

  5. Collect user feedback. Small feature releases accelerate the delivery of value to customers and reduce the risk inherent in large deployments.

  6. Train and transition. We work to create a seamless transition to your team. We handle onboarding and training into the new systems and processes that have been created.