CTO Services

You shouldn’t have to be a technical expert to focus on the success of your business. Our CTO service gives you the expertise you need to build a sustainable technology practice.

Stride offers Interim services. As an Interim CTO, we will act as the CTO for your company to achieve specific outcomes.

We tailor our Interim CTO offering to your needs so you can hit your stride. 


What does an engagement look like with an Interim CTO?


We have a three-step process to ensure engagement success. It all starts with meeting you where you are. 

Step 1. The engagement starts with discovery. The goal of this step is to understand your organization and your product. Once we understand where you are and where you want to go, we put together an actionable plan to help guide you toward your goals. 

Step 2. After a plan is set, we get to work consulting and building software; this is our bread and butter. This encompasses everything: setting technical direction, mentoring teams, building teams, building software, hiring, defining products, and more. 

Step 3. Lastly, once we’ve brought you to where you want to be, we work to hand off the CTO role and responsibilities to your internal team. Your Interim CTO will be available as an advisor to you as the engagement ends, and you’ll always have access to Stride’s network and resources.

Read a more detailed description of each step below.


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Benefits of an Interim CTO

  • Technical expertise, direction and vision
  • Decades of technical experience in a variety of industry verticals, team environments and engineering stacks
  • Engaged, empowered and aligned teams
  • Engineering and product alignment
  • Customer-first delivery
  • Enablement to hire the right full-time CTO


Detailed Interim CTO Process

This is a menu of activities to give you the flavor of an engagement with an Interim CTO. These activities are adaptable to your needs, and each engagement will be unique in the weight of time spent on individual activities.


  • Conversations and due diligence with key stakeholders and team members to uncover
    • Team composition 
    • Current tech stack
    • Product
    • Goals (Company, Team, Technology, etc.)
    • Current activities and backlog
    • Software development methodology
    • Product management methodology
    • Technical challenges
    • Personnel challenges
  • Onboarding
  • Team assembly
  • Roadmap


  • Establishing working agreements
  • Team building, mentorship, and coaching
  • Working through challenges and pain points
  • Identifying skill gaps in the organization and on the team
  • Partnering with stakeholders to understand what they are trying to achieve and what their challenges are
  • Creating cross-functional Extreme Programming (XP)–oriented teams
  • Developing strategies to deal with the challenges that arise as we learn more from being on the ground
  • Hiring onto the team, as needed
  • Collecting metrics and creating standards for data to be collected that will help measure progress
  • Creating a shared vision and goal for the technical organization
  • Fewer bugs introduced on new functionality


  • Opening a requisition for a permanent CTO
  • Leading the job search resulting in the hire of a full-time CTO
  • Interim CTO handles onboarding
  • CTO shadows Interim CTO while they onboard, transitioning metrics data
  • Regular check-ins (for some period of time) after Interim CTO has made their exit
  • Access to Interim CTO as a partner, resource, and community

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