StellaService Accelerates MVP Launch

About Stella Service

StellaService helps global retailers like Zappos, Jet and Walmart capitalize on customer service interactions by turning missed revenue opportunities into sales.

StellaService had an idea - so big, it had the potential to revolutionize the entire customer service industry. The concept is powerful - brands improve customer service by allowing customer service agents to receive direct feedback and rewards from the customers they interact with personally.


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The Problem

StellaService had a tech team, but the entire group was already committed to other projects. They needed a technology partner they could trust to get their highest priority product to market, while maintaining their stellar brand reputation among the most respected retail brands like Pottery Barn and Sports Authority.

While StellaService had a strong grasp on what functionality they needed, the workflow and design were left to Stride.

The Goal

  • An Agile, NYC-based team they could rely on to build and launch their MVP with the perfect balance of efficient time to market and quality.
  • Since mobile phone usage was expected to be high, content seen by end-users had to be responsive and look good across devices.
  • Highly interactive and highly customizable and polished end-user experience

The Result

 Stride Consulting took a highly iterative, highly collaborative Agile approach, both on the business as well as the engineering side. Quick feedback loops ensured we were always working on the top priority feature and enabled us to shift on a dime when new industry insight changed priorities.

Stride Consulting steered the entire MVP, from design to build, release and deploy, and drove everything in between from software engineering, architecture and configuration, QA, DevOps and Agile process.

Introducing: StellaConnect - a first of its kind, one-to-one feedback platform that enables customers to directly reward and recognize front-line customer service reps for great service.




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