Team Assessment

Identify product and engineering team inefficiencies and the obstacles they face to delivering software. We provide both the causes and consequences and propose investments of time and money to address them.

We'll work with you to identify team inefficiencies and opportunities to evolve. Together, we'll uncover insights and recommendations for impactful areas of improvement, to remove obstacles to delivering software and ensure your team is operating at peak efficiency.

What you get

  • Unbiased, 3rd party perspective into what is actually happening at the team level
  • An understanding of what’s working well and what needs to change to improve delivery
  • Building blocks for adaptability and resilience into the way your teams work
  • Opportunities for systemic and lasting team improvements

Our approach

A cross-functional pair of an agile engineer & a product practitioner leverage a 3-step “Triple A” approach to deliver a tailored team assessment over a 4-6 week period.

Align on objectives
  • Define assessment goals & measures of success
  • Align on assessment goals
  • Create assessment plan tailored to your needs & goals
Assess current state

Run activities, per the tailored plan, which may include:

  • Conduct 1:1 interviews
  • Observe team’s ways of working
  • Review team’s artifacts, products & technology
Apply learnings
  • Prioritized list of insights & recommendations
  • Report on strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats
  • Plan with scenarios on how to execute recommendations

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