Access our Open Source Tools by clicking on them below:

Web Application Boilerplate 

An effective and easy way to build a framework for your web application 

React Input Completion 

A cross-browser autocomplete component for React 


Currency Masker for React 

A must-have if you're working with currency. Takes normal number input, and converts last two digits into cents 

SCSS Lint 

A lint checker for Saas files 

Npm Run Parallel 

Runs npm tasks in parallel and exit when they're all ready to go. 



A dark copy of vim's jellybeans color scheme for atom 



A light copy of vim's jellybeans color scheme for emacs 


A dark copy of vim's jellybeans color scheme for emacs 


Debt Ceiling

A configurable combination of automatic and manual assignment of debt and more

Grunt SVG Store 

A build tool for SVG images 


Emacs minor mode to upcase SQL keywords as you type 


Ruby gem to deal wiht game records in SGF in an OO fashion 


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