Our Values

All complex systems have simple rules that drive their operation. We defined our values as the simple rules that drive how Striders behave in small and large ways, in all different job functions, with each other and with clients.

Nurture relationships

Nurture the curious impulse

Striders are curious and open-minded. We are honest when we don’t know something and ask lots of meaningful questions. We are generous listeners, and we foster environments where people feel safe and brave enough to learn. We are motivated and excited by the opportunity to learn and teach.


Build your working relationships to be the best they can be

Striders prioritize building meaningful and healthy relationships over what would be easy in the short term. Giving feedback and affirmation is essential to our best relationships. Each person needs special treatment in the relationship you build with them. By embodying this value, we make Stride a great place to work and a great company to work with.

Make it better

Make it better than you found it

Striders are focused on the quality of our outcomes, and we seek to measure the progress we’re making. We are motivated to understand context so that we have the greatest chance of making positive change. By embodying this value, Striders make the people around them better.


Collaborate like the work depends on it

Striders prefer collaboration over individual heroics in order to learn and improve the quality of work. We want the focus and sustainable pace that comes from pairing and engaging with each other. We share our work and are motivated to be transparent.


Challenge systems

Striders identify, understand, and change broken and entrenched systems for the better. We recognize that no systems are values-neutral and that many are inequitable and racist. We take responsibility to change these systems and drive toward better and more equitable outcomes at all levels: code, team, organization, industry, and society.

think of more options

Think of more options

Striders are not content with binary choices. We challenge ourselves to solve problems creatively. We’re looking for the best idea, and we’re focused on what’s most important.