Leading Through Adversity - How to return to work

In response to these unprecedented times and the challenges that they are bringing to company leaders, Stride Consulting launched a speaker series entitled “Leading through Adversity” on May 26th. In the series, experts from around the globe, from a variety of disciplines, provide a 360-degree view on best practices for leading during uncertain times.


The first talk featured Sequoia, a professional employer organization (PEO) with over 1,000 corporate clients. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have built an online clearinghouse to provide companies with resources to establish policies and monitor employees through a safe return to the workplace.


Sharing data collected from their clients, Stephen Kim, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer at Sequoia, shared that workers have started to worry about their ability to continue to work from home. This led Sequoia to develop a framework for companies to create policies, set up testing, start re-introducing cohorts to the workplace, stay on top of communications, and analyze data to manage a safe gradual return. 

He showed how companies can collate information flowing from the regulatory agencies (both federal and state) and turn them into coherent policies for their workplace. In addition, Sean Handel, Sequoia’s Chief Product Officer, described how Sequoia and their healthcare partners help companies create plans for testing workers and acquiring the supplies they need to adhere to the new regulations.   

The full talk is available here.

Upcoming speakers in the series include:

  • How to get comfortable enough with failure in order to give yourself the best chance to avoid it - leading NYC VC, Charlie O’Donnell (May 28th)
  • The pandemic of anxiety - Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz, world renowned psychiatrist (June 4th)
  • Focusing on outcomes, not outputs - noted author Josh Seiden (June 9th)
  • Pivoting when your business model gets upended - Meetup CEO David Siegel (June 18th)
  • How limits empower your agility - author of Agile Retrospectives, Diana Larsen (July 16th)

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