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We provide a unique opportunity to continuously level up your technical, leadership, and communication skills. Our consultants regularly rotate between different teams and tech stacks, providing many avenues for personal and professional growth.

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Core Values

We take pride in creating an environment that developers truly want to be a part of. Our core values aren't just words hung on a wall. Our values are alive and well every day at Stride.


We are radically transparent with each other and our clients. We practice total honesty, because the truth can be hard to reveal even with complete information, but it's almost impossible to reveal when there is no honesty.

I start my day at 8:45am, meeting the Stride engagement team for coffee (paid for by Stride) and planning our day. At 9am, walk into client office. Say hi to team. Check email. 9:15am: standup with team. 9:30am: pair program with client team member on new feature for financial exchange. 12:00pm: lunch with some client team people and some Striders. 1:00pm: pair program. At 6:00pm I leave the office to go home for dinner!

Michael - Principal Consultant, Software Engineer

Principal Consultant, Software Engineer 

Stride has an open and collaborative vibe. Spontaneous pairing sessions or discussions on how to train each other in a new technology are a natural outcome from this group of people. Stride has true friendships, so it is a place where asking for or offering help is easy. In my first week at Stride a bunch of us were at the office and a comment about how a process could be easier snowballed into us building an internal app for Stride. Productivity like that happens when people care about the team’s success as much as their own.
Arielle - Developer Consultant

Developer Consultant

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from fellow Striders and from the client developers we work with through pairing, lunch-and-learns, and presentations. I’ve had the chance to work on my facilitation skills running retros and engineering decision meetings. I’m co-chair of the Diversity Committee, which led an effort to recruit more female developers.

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Developer Consultant

We have such a high incidence of kind, patient, and good-natured teachers. You learn so fast in a community like this. Because we’re the product, investment in our development is completely expected, and I feel so supported in my career here.

Madelyn, Developer Consultant

Developer Consultant

I’ve been able to work for companies in different industries and solve problems using different tech stacks. It’s great to be able to experience a wide variety of work, which you wouldn’t necessarily get at a product company. Stride is also focused on employing smart people who love teaching, so I’ve also learned a lot from my coworkers.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Developer Consultant

Open Source Projects

We have several open source projects, such as Remote Retro, and we encourage everyone to contribute. Did we mention that we pay for time spent working on open source projects? Because we do!

Stride Backround


Your professional development at Stride starts week one, when you'll be trained in the mechanics of and motivations for test-driven development, pair programming, Agile ceremonies, and entering teams successfully. Continued growth is encouraged by generous professional development budgets and intermittent trainings from thought leaders like Sandi Metz and Esther Derby.


Stride Retreats

At least once a year, we try to go on a retreat where everyone can get together.

Picture Yourself at Stride

Director of Business Development

Remote / New York, New York


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Work at One Company, Experience Many

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Health Insurance, Paid Family Leave, & 401(K) 

Stride offers comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for everyone, as well as generous paid family leave. We also offer a match on your 401(k) contributions that vests immediately!

Flexible Hours & Sustainable Work/Life Balance

We work at a sustainable pace and give all Striders the freedom to decide what that means for them. All vacation and holidays are floating, allowing Striders to decide when to take time off from work.

Promotions at Anytime 

Nominate yourself or another Strider for a promotion at any time, 365 days per year. Every Strider gets a buddy and a sponsor. The result: a team of Striders helping you craft the ideal career path for you.

Company Huddle

Our company huddle’s are like no other! Many of the best parts of Stride have been born in these sessions, including Toast to Failures, Diversity Committee, podcasts, and Algorithms Club.

Meetups & Quarterly Socials

Stride Consulting organizes several events, including NYC Tech Debatesand Coders Who ClimbPast socials include a “Murder at the Met” scavenger hunt, an ice cream social, jewelry making, Escape the Room, and oyster shucking.

And more to come! 

We are always looking for ways to improve life at Stride, both during the work day and after hours. Stay tuned!

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

In 2014, I founded Stride Consulting on the premise that all teams have the potential to be high-functioning, empowered, and happy. As we grow, it is important to our culture and our business that we strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our team and all teams that Stride works with will benefit, as a result. Diverse teams solve complex problems better, perform better, and have higher morale.


To me, being truly committed to diversity and inclusion means doing the right thing when no one is looking. It means equal pay for equal work. It means having a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. It means giving everyone a voice and listening when they speak. It means sacrificing revenue by being willing to fire a vendor or client for failing to uphold our code of conduct in order to maintain a safe working environment for all

Diversity and Inclusion is not something you can ever consider “done.” It is not a checkbox on a to-do list. It is a mindset, a way of conducting ourselves day in and day out.


At Stride, we pride ourselves on working hard to combat unconscious bias both in our hiring process and in our everyday work. We don’t assume we’ve gotten it all perfect. Instead, we continuously look for areas of improvement. Above all, we are humble and willing to learn every single day.

Best, Debbie


CEO & Founder


How did we increase female and non-binary engineers by 267%?

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