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Stride Careers

Work With Passionate Technologists

We are a close-knit team of skilled Agilists who share a passion for continuous improvement through software. Integrity and collaboration form the foundation of our core beliefs.


Our Team Has a 5 Star Rating on Glassdoor

Our Purpose

Work at a Purpose Driven Company

Stride's purpose is to help teams improve their business through software. We form one team with our clients, and in doing so help them make their software development quality and process a true competitive advantage.

Stride's Core Values

We take pride in creating an environment that developers truly want to be a part of. Our core values aren't just words hung on a wall. Our values are alive and well every day at Stride.


We are radically transparent with each other and our clients. We practice total honesty, because the truth can be hard to reveal even with complete information, but it's almost impossible to reveal when there is no honesty.



We can always learn from others, no matter how experienced we are. We believe that no one individual is better than any other individual. We embrace the fact that we don't have all the answers, and we know that we never will.



We listen when others speak, and we respond when others inquire. We embrace different worldviews. We respect other’s opinions even if we don’t agree with them. We respect our peers, our clients, and most importantly, ourselves.


Learning from Failure

Our failures are our most potent opportunities for learning. We reflect on and learn from our failures in order to continuously improve.


Willingness to Help Others

We make time when possible to assist others in need. Often this is other Striders and our Clients, but this value extends into the community as well.

The Stride Culture

We take pride in creating an environment that developers truly want to be a part of. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture, help them create high quality code and set them up for long term success.





Stride ski trip 

At Stride, we take great pride in having a culture our team truly loves to be a part of. Our annual ski trip to Plattekill Mountain presents a great opportunity to bring our core values to an off-site venue.


Coders Who Climb

Stride is involved with NYC tech community and hosts a variety of meet-ups including Coders who Climb! Learn more about our meet-up.


"I love that I have a big say in the types of clients and projects that I work on. Stride is really developer focused, and you feel that."

Cody, Senior Developer Consultant


"I wake up every morning excited to go to work. The people I'm with all day for most of the week, they've become family in such a short time. That's something I've been waiting for my whole adult life."

AnnMarie, Office Manager


"There is no conflict between working on becoming a better developer and person and advancing at my career at Stride."

Emmanuel, Developer Consultant

Our Benefits

All of our clients are in NYC. That means no travel.


Health Insurance, Paid Family Leave, & 401(k)

Stride offers comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for everyone, as well as generous paid family leave policy. We also offer a match on your 401(k) contributions that vests immediately!


Flexible Hours & Sustainable Work/Life Balance

We work at a sustainable pace and give all Striders the freedom to decide what that means for them. All vacation and holidays are floating, allowing Striders to decide when to take time off of work.


Promotions At Any Time

Nominate yourself or another Strider for a promotion at any time, 365 days per year. And, every Strider gets a buddy, mentor and a manager. The result: a team of Striders helping you craft the ideal career path for you.


Open Space & Lean Coffee

Our open space and lean coffee meetings are like no other! Many of the best parts of Stride have been born in these sessions, including Toast to Failures, Diversity Committee, The Rabbit Hole podcast, Open Source club, and Stride University.


Monthly Socials

Striders truly enjoy hanging out with Striders. We gather monthly. Past socials include “Murder at the Met” scavenger hunt, Escape the Room, Oyster shucking, karaoke night, and a night out at a bar.

Open Positions


Senior Full Stack Agile Developer

Location: New York, New York


As a Senior Full Stack Developer, you have a true love for guiding team strategy and seeing projects through from inception to completion. You have experience teaching TDD and other XP practices and enjoy gaining proficiency in unfamiliar languages.

Principal Evangelist

Location: New York, New York


A principal evangelist is a hybrid role, one part developer-consultant and one part tech influencer.

As a Consultant: Embed with an NYC-based client’s tech team, with fellow Striders, guiding developers through their biggest challenges with the goal of leveling up their tech team.

As a Tech Influencer: This role is going to be defined by the evangelist that joins our team. Whether you have an idea for a book you want to write, topic you want to give talks on, an open source project you want to create and maintain, or app you want to build, you will take full ownership of your project and create meaningful content to engage with the greater tech community on behalf of Stride.


Principal Developer Consultant

Location: New York, New York


As a Principal Developer Consultant, you’ll mentor and lead teams (both internally as well as on the client-side) on the value of Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Improvement.