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We are non-dogmatic Agilists. We collaborate peer-to-peer with your tech team (embedded or remote) to help you be your best. The results: you accelerate growth, level up your tech team and increase efficiency.

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Stride consultants are: developers, UX designers, product partners, security experts and Agile coaches.

Did you know? 90% of Striders have been teachers at one point in our careers!  

We believe in ‘teach a team to fish’ over ‘fish for a team’. We believe that collaborative, colocated teams breed efficiency. We help you build a well oiled, high functioning tech team, one day at a time. We seek first to understand and then, through non-dogmatic consulting, roll up our sleeves, write code alongside your team, and raise the game of your entire team.

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At Stride, we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. The “Stride Way” is a mindset of focused on learning and continuous improvement, not a prescribed set of processes. If there’s a better path to success for your team, we’ll find it. Learn More »

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We collaborate full time with your team, 5 days a week. Stride is "in the building."



We believe in non-dogmatic Agile.



We develop a tailored solution with you.



Technical excellence and well-documented code are baked into our DNA.

As Plated continues to grow, it’s important that they implement processes around code, deploy continuously, communicate priorities and increase visibility of work. Now that they have a bigger team they can no longer rely on verbal communication. Their team is motivated and intelligent, but Plated needed some technical mentorship to help them gain clarity on their priorities and become successful both inside the code and out. Read the Full Success Story »


“We were seeking a technology partner who’s truly in this with us for the long haul, someone who can fully integrate and have skin in the game, and we found that in Stride.”

- Josh Hix, CEO, Plated

Thoughtly came to Stride with a singular goal: they needed to launch their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in time for TechCrunch Disrupt. Thoughtly had been developing their core technology for almost two years and decided to demonstrate its capability by building a proof of concept application – IntelliButler, a content recommendation and scheduling platform – on their machine learning technology. Thoughtly partnered with Stride to ensure this would become a reality. Read the Full Success Story »


“Stride was able to assimilate into our rapidly evolving company under absurd time parameters. They have project management and technical skills that are of the highest order. If you have the opportunity to work with them, especially when it matters, you are extraordinarily lucky.”

- Chase Perkins, CEO,

Stride quickly adapted the entire legacy code base and went into code rescue mode. We prioritized the immediate fires with the Ellevate executive team and created a backlog of features. The Stride developers ramped up within days and first fixed the most impactful fires which stabilized the platform within one week. Read the Full Success Story »


“Stride has been a fantastic partner for Ellevate Network. We initially hired Stride to help with website maintenance and trouble shooting, but the relationship evolved into a true partnership where Stride offered great service, creative solutions and top-notch service.”

- Kristy Wallace, Ellevate

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