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Custom Software Development

Stride specializes in delivering custom web applications that solve real business problems. This involves understanding the domain, ruthlessly scoping and ruthlessly prioritizing only the most important features, releasing working software frequently, and getting regular feedback from real users and stakeholders.

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Staff Augmentation

Hiring takes time away from getting work done. We can help you start delivering value immediately. Examples of work we’ve done in this capacity in the music streaming industry include: building out platforms for artists, integrating newly acquired companies, and scaling a product rapidly with engineers skilled in TDD and XP.

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Web Performance Optimization

Applying a cross functional team to make immediate gains in web performance driving up customer conversions and revenue without increasing marketing spend or having to drive more views. Diagnosing the problem is the easy part. Knowing how to fix without creating conflict within an organization is harder. Every 0.1s in performance yields up to 8% in conversions.

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Product Assessment

We are experienced in helping executives better understand the value that their products are delivering and recommending the best path forward. We will work with you to deliver an assessment that will allow you to invest time, and money, in the products that users want the most.

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Product Discovery

We help you validate your new product idea with experts, fast. We can help you determine whether or not an idea is worth building based on actionable product work. We've done product discovery with a range of clients - from seed stage start-ups to global enterprise organizations. We love helping executives better understand what they should be building towards next, and we have the ability to help you build it too.

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Team Assessment

Identify product and engineering team inefficiencies and the obstacles they face to delivering software. We provide both the causes and consequences and propose investments of time and money to address them.

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Do you feel like your agile coaches aren't helping your team meet their goals in a measurable way? Our cross-functional team of two practitioners will deliver software within your group to understand team dynamics, what is working and not working. We will make recommendations and begin implementing improvements immediately. Lastly, we will continue to implement improvements and measuring impact of those changes.

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