Stride helps you define, manage and meet expectations, increase return on software investment, and foster lasting improvements aligned to team priorities.

high performance delivery

High Performance Delivery

Measure your organization's software delivery performance and improve it using research-based DevOps practices. The DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) showed a causal relationship between 30+ capabilities and software delivery performance. We measure these delivery performance metrics: deployment frequency, change failure rate, mean time to recovery, and lead time for changes. Then, we build capabilities in your teams that will improve these metrics.

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product modernization

Product Modernization

Rebuild applications with cloud-first principles to drive your next wave of innovation. Great products outlive their initial architecture and infrastructure. Stride pods work with you to adapt these products to modern cloud platforms. Then we strategically adopt managed cloud services and cloud-native technologies to improve performance, availability, and reliability of legacy products.

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scalable platform

Scalable Platform

Reinforce products using cloud native technologies to meet scaling demands. Initial software and architectural design cannot always anticipate business growth and evolution. Stride pods assess the limitations of an existing product and then transform it into a scalable component of your technology portfolio.

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Greenfield Delivery

Greenfield Delivery

Bring your idea to market using an experienced delivery team. Evolve a product that delivers your vision with cross-functional, autonomous Stride pods. We'll help you prioritize and deliver software incrementally.

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Rescue a product that has been hard to deliver. Stride pods provide disciplined, test-driven design to incrementally deliver value. Over time, we build up trust that the product is on the right track and hand it over to your team.

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