Leading through adversity

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Leading during uncertain times takes a village. And so, we’ve pulled together a one of a kind lineup -- experts from around the globe, from a variety of disciplines, curated to bring you a 360 degree view on best practices for leading during uncertain times.

A message from our CEO and founder

We are thrilled to bring the best speakers in the world to you! Through interactive talks, you'll learn best practices in leading through adversity from multiple unique lenses.


Sessions include:

  • How to safely reopen your workspace by Sequoia
  • The pandemic of anxiety by Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz, world renowned psychiatrist
  • How limits empower your agility by author of Agile Retrospectives, Diana Larsen
  • Pivoting when your business model gets upended by the CEO of Meetup
  • How to get comfortable enough with failure in order to give yourself the best chance to avoid it by NYC’s leading VC Charlie O’Donnell
  • And more...

Sign up a la carte - attend the ones you can, to interact live with the experts and ask the questions that keep you up at night. And, we’ll record and email out all sessions for the ones you can’t make. 


I hope you sign up below!


- Debbie Madden, Stride CEO and founder

Past events

Return to work for technology companies

Sequoia | May 26th, 2020



Sequoia shares insights and guidance on what tech companies need to safely transition to a healthy and productive office.

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Failure is always an option

Charlie O'Donnell | May 28th, 2020



Noted Venture Capitalist Charlie O'Donnell counsels entrepreneurs to remove their fear by acknowledging the possibility of defeat and realistically considering what it might look like. Get comfortable enough with failure, and you give yourself the best chance to avoid it.



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The pandemic of anxiety: Leading through the pandemic

Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz | June 4th, 2020


Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz, clinical professor of psychiatry and founder of Boswell Group LLC, speaks about the emotional aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, including how to lead organizations through the crisis.



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Outcomes over outputs

Josh Seiden | June 9th, 2020



Joshua Seiden, co-author of "Sense & Respond" (Harvard, 2017) and "Lean UX" (O'Reilly, 2017), speaks about how to direct our efforts towards outcomes over output.



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Pivoting when your business model gets upended

David Siegel | June 18th, 2020



David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, describes how Meetup was able to pivot its entire business when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.



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Learning to manage remotely may transform how we think about and practice management

Esther Derby | July 9th, 2020



Esther Derby, author, speaker, and teacher, talk about managing remotely. Some companies resorted to surveillance software to track clicks and keystrokes. But there is another approach. One that will serve us now AND when we have the option to be back in the office.



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How limits empower your agility

Diana Larsen | July 16th, 2020



Diana Larsen, author of "Agile Retrospective", makes the case that, like great art, agile team greatness comes from embracing limits.



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Continuously learning our way to better outcomes

Jeff Gothelf | August 6th, 2020



Jeff will cover how technology can enable tremendous gains but, when coupled with the uncertainty of human behavior, can often go awry.



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